Timothy Schupp, Robert Vaccaro, and Ryan Vettleson Win Complete Summary Judgment Victory in $350M+ Steam Turbine Lawsuit

GBBS partners Timothy Schupp, Robert Vaccaro, and Ryan Vettleson won a complete summary judgment victory for their commercial clients in a significant lawsuit alleging various tort claims arising out of the catastrophic failure of a coal-fired steam turbine known as “Unit 3” at the Sherburne County Generating Station in Becker, Minnesota.  Plaintiffs filed their lawsuit in 2013.  In two summary judgment rulings, the Sherburne County District Court held that all of plaintiffs’ claims were barred by Minnesota’s common law economic loss doctrine, which precludes recovery in tort for economic losses between sophisticated entities whose relationship is founded on contract.

The Court’s summary judgment rulings can be accessed through the links provided below:

Order Denying Pla MSJ and Granting SJ

Order Granting Def SJ