In 2010, numerous individuals were indicted for “child sex trafficking” based on an investigation that stretched from St. Paul to Tennessee. The lead agent working the case was Heather Weyker. An appeals judge found that Heather Weyker “likely exaggerated or fabricated important aspects of this story” and that the “district court caught Weyker lying to the grand jury and later lying during a detention hearing.” Yet, many of the individuals indicted by these lies and fabrications spent years in jail and/or on home detention with GPS ankle monitoring and continue to be labeled child sex traffickers. Eventually, the individuals were acquitted or the cases against them were thrown out. Last month, five GBBS attorneys, Robert Bennett, Andrew Birrell, Andrew Noel, Paul Dworak and Katie Bennett, began filing federal civil rights lawsuits against Heather Weyker, other St. Paul Police Department officers and the City of St. Paul on behalf of some of the individuals wrongfully indicted, arrested, detained and/or prosecuted based upon Weyker’s lies. The firm anticipates filing at least six more similar lawsuits. For more coverage on the story, visit Fox 9 News.